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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 24, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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sorrentino. making news in america this morning -- ebola in america. a doctor fresh from africa diagnosed with the deadly virus in new york city. the huge task of tracing his steps, raising concern for the millions who live there. live with the breaking details. from small time criminal to terror. what we've learned about the shooter in canada. the new dramatic video of him storming parliament and the picture of the victim's dogs going viral. vicious attack caught on camera. hatchet wielding man goes after a group of police officers. why investigators are looking at a possible terrorist connection. and mustang mistake. a mechanic has a bad day on the job while working on a classic.
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well good friday morning, i'm reena ninan. >> i'm t.j. holmes. begin with the breaking details the first case of ebola in new york city. >> dr. craig spencer returned to new york from west africa. he started showing symptoms yesterday after using the subway and going to the bowling alley. >> and we are in manhattan, the doctor is in isolation. good morning caroline. >> reporter: good morning to you, t.j. the doctor is being cared for here. he is in isolation. health officials say they have been preparing for this moment, and they are ready. he was rushed by specialized crews to new york city's bellevue hospital. dr. craig allen spencer, now in isolation, diagnosed with ebola. new york officials a swift and strong message to the city's millions of residents and visitors. >> we have been preparing for
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months for the threat posed by ebola. we have clear and strong protocols which are being followed. >> reporter: part of the protocol a team of disease detectives tragsing his movements since his return from west africa where he had been treating patriots in guinea with doctors without borders. he landed at jfk on october 17th. he took his temperature twice a day, was mindful of contact with people but did leave his apartment. despite feeling fatigued the night before his diagnosis he went bowling, rode the subway and stopped in a restaurant. >> i think the first thing is that the first time this patient had fever was today. and fever is the typical sign of a person developing contagious ebola. >> reporter: while health officials emphasize how difficult ebola is to catch, neighbors of spencer's now
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seal-off apartment can't help to be on edge. >> i was surprised he was allowed to come to this apartment building from where he was and what his exposure was. >> reporter: spencer's fiance is showing no signs of ebola but is in quarantine here at the hospital. two of his friends are in quarantine at home. reena, t.j. >> what can you tell us about the cdc response? >> reporter: well the cdc has put together what it is calling a go team or go squad. sort of an effort to avoid some of the mishaps we saw in dallas. health care workers being infected by the patient they were caring for. we are told that this team is made up of world experts. those people were packing their bags, getting ready to head to new york hours before this patient tested positive for ebola. >> all right caroline thank you so much.
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>> and even though dr. spencer moved freely through new york city used the subway, health officials say there's no cause for alarm. >> and medical experts like dr. richard besser sharing the facts to calm fears. >> even in a crowded city you only get ebola when you contact their body fluids. this is a doctor he reached out with the earliest symptom, fever, before he could spread it. >> it's only spread through contact with bodily fluids. nina pham continues to recover from ebola. we're getting a new look at how her dog, bentley, is spending days in quarantine. he has been enjoying play time with jets in hazmat suits three times a day. the vets believe he's going to be okay. and a big helping hand from paul allen, the billionaire of
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microsoft, pledging $100 million to combat ebola. that's one of the biggest personal donors trying to stem crisis. he started a website aimed at galvanizing smaller donors. >> can this latest case of ebola in america, live team coverage coming up on "good morning america." and nathan cirillo, the reservist killed at the war memorial this week even his dogs waiting for the owner who will never return. police trying to make sense of the rampage by the troubled young man on wednesday. elizabeth otto this morning. >> reporter: canadian and u.s. officials are trying to retrace the suspect's steps in the u.s. turns out he somehow crossed the border multiple times without a passport. incredible video showing the attack on parliament. it begins with a crowd running away as the gunman pulls up and jufrps
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jumps out of his car carrying a rifle. runs towards the building steals a black car, drives around to the front steps and races inside. that's where bullets fly, sending law makers scrambling. >> i was terrified, of course. the first thing i thought, how can i make sure the baby is not yelling and crying. >> reporter: and this is new video of sergeant at arms kevin vickers just moments after he shot and killed the suspect michael zehaf-bibeau. on wednesday vickers received a standing ovation on the floor of parliament. meanwhile, a moment of silence for this father and dog lover, corporal nathan cirillo, shot and killed at the national war memorial minutes before the suspect stormed parliament. >> i think the passport figured prominently in his motives. >> reporter: this picture of the gunman which is authentic but from an unknown source shows
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him with the rifle in the rampage. he was angry he didn't get a passport to travel to syria. even without a passport he crossed into the u.s. four times. most recently last year when authorities say he had already been radicalized. his mother said in a statement she does not understand what went wrong. explaining she did see him for lunch last week. but before that she had not seen him in five years. elizabeth herr, abc news, ottawa ottawa canada. >> live in ottawa. thank you so much. u.s. officials are looking at the allegations of chemical warfare by isis fighters near baghdad. islamic state militants reportedly used chlorine gas last month. it was yellow smoke in the air. nearly a dozen officers were sickened. they all survived. a fast-moving lava flow is threatening 10,000 on the big island of hawaii.
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they are monitoring the lava that's advanced five football fields in the last few days. it traveled 425 yards from wednesday morning to thursday morning, devouring 130 acres of terrain. a mile of terrain in washington state, a powerful tornado. meteorologists measured the funnel cloud as an ef-1 with winds up to 110 miles per hour. it carved a path of destruction 50 yards wide and a mile long. uprooted trees, damaged homes, no injuries. , however on the east coast, a nor'easter slammed new england. hurricane-strength winds generated winds up to 18 feet high. >> that's blowing out to sea. lingering rain showers, the pacific northwest will see heavy rain along with south florida. >> temperature the in the 50s anded of 60s across the northern
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half. and still ahead, tied to the office? how americans are putting in several days of work for free. plus hatchet attack police officers injured after a man slashes them. why it could be linked to terrorism. and flipping out. a man takes on a parking garage gate with his car. he lost.
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well, the financial service says sears and kmart will close more than a hundred stores, some of them before the holidays. more than 6,000 workers will also lose jobs.
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sears, which owns both chains says the report isn't quite accurate. but admits it does plan some closings. the seeking alpha service says most of the stores on the list are in michigan indiana and pennsylvania. investors are losing patience with amazon. the stock lost 10% of the value after the ecommerce giant announced their worst quarterly loss in 14 years. they have been spending loads of money on products and services. and its kindle fire smartphone has been a $170 million disappointment. they are warning about a big loss this quarter. an iceland-based discount carrier has an offer for transatlantic fliers. it just might be too good to refuse. in march wow airline starts offering instructry flights to iceland and europe out of boston's logan airport for $99 one way. have to pay some taxes, but that's not a bad deal. and americans are addicted to work. taking the least amount of holidays in 40 years.
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a new study reports that we are piling up unused vacation days. essentially working for free almost one week per year. u.s. workers are only using 77% of their paid time-off. >> i'm going to use mine this year. >> you were shaking your head during that story. >> i believe in vacation. when we come back, the dogs behind the takedown. what we have learned about the canines who protected the white house from an intruder. and please hit the brakes. a mechanic makes a huge mistake and has to move quickly to save a classic car. brakes. a mechanic makes a huge mistake and has to move quickly to save a classic car. especially now that i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib a type of irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. i was taking warfarin, but wondered if i kept digging could i come up with something better. my doctor told me about eliquis... for three important reasons. one, in a clinical trial, eliquis was proven to reduce the risk of stroke better than warfarin. two, eliquis had less major bleeding than warfarin.
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a rare sight in the skies for stargazers. as a partial solar eclipse darkened parts of the sun in north america. students and researchers armed with telescopes and eclipse glasses gathered at a park in los angeles yesterday for a unique show. >> and now far look at the morning road conditions. roads wet across northern new england and south florida. wet and even flooding conditions across the pacific northwest. but roads should be dry most everywhere else. if you're flying airport delays possible in boston and miami. well, police here in new york say terrorism may have been the motive mind a grisly attack on four rookie police officers. >> this happened while the four officers were posing for a picture. a man attacked the group with a hatchet, wounding two, one critically, before he was shot dead by another officer. a bystander was shot and wounded. it was 32-year-old zale thompson
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who has a criminal record and was discharged from the navy for misconduct. two secret service dogs who attacked a white house fence jumper are recovering this morning. the dogs named hurricane and jordan are being treated for bruising but they have been cleared to return to duty. the man behind that is held without bail. 23-year-old dominic adesanya of maryland has been charged with felonies for assaulting the dogs and making threats. his father says he was suffering from paranoia and arrested two months ago at the white house after he argued with security guards who wouldn't let him in. three men are dead after a mid-air collision between their helicopter and a small plane. this happened near an airport as the private plane was coming in for a landing, and the helicopter was on a training flight. >> oh, god! oh, god! >> airplane down and helicopter down. >> yes, yes, i just saw it. 911's on the way. >> well, the plane managed to deploy a parachute which softened the crash into some
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trees. the two men aboard have been released from the hospital. the helicopter plunged between two storage buildings. passengers didn't have a chance. the cause of the crash under investigation. zblanchts zblanchts. a wild scene caught on camera on a northern california highway. a group of brazen bikers speeding and popping a wheelie. this was on a northern california highway. look what happens when an officer tries pull them over. they wave for him to go away. the officer had to pull over and call for backup. they're still trying to identify the bikers who could face criminal charges. well, hazing has forced the cancellation of another high school football season. school officials say the hazing at central bucks high school west outside of philadelphia occurred during the pre-season. authorities describe the incidents as hue huh milluating niche rating rights. the team just had two games left. well, time now for peyton manning put on another show last night. >> the highlights from espn.
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>> he's kenny, i'm neil, this is our favorite part of the show. >> yep. and instead of just watching on your couch, if you want to come by and watch it live. >> we have a hot tub over there. >> everyone else did. >> stan's not in it. >> chargers, broncos, peyton manning, upset about the scoreboard operator. looking for emanuel sanders. he's not unhappy with him. this guy's doing all right. emanuel sanders got on twitter. said he worked on fundamentals. >> twitter's great. >> there's sanders. manning out of the shotgun. >> everybody should be on. >> should have started him. 33% of you did not. did not. manning, sanders, just back to back to back. it's endorsed by fred mcgriff. broncos win. 18th-ranked east carolina hosting uconn. shane to justin hardy.
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and nancy drew's favorite player, justin hardy, one of the hardy boys. endorsed by frank hardy. uconn caught two touchdown passes in the third. they were a four-touchdown underdog. tied it. but allen gets his second, and east carolina wins it 31-21. i understand they're still raging at b's barbecue. tell them gret sent you. >> just get it out, breeders' cup names. there's a horse, valiant amelia from peru. he raised the -- >> huh? >> take it to the bank. >> was that english? >> those guys. it's the end of their night. >> maybe he didn't want to pay the parking bill. look at this by, driving in iceland. has a problem with the chain-linked gate. all right, first, he smashes into it head first. all right? heading for it, then tries to back through it. does this once, twice, several times. actually knocked -- you see that? knocked the friend over there. finally, pulls forward, hits the engine. you see that? >> wow. >> the stunt caused about
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$50,000 in damage, of course, to the car. >> i've wondered what would happen if you backed into that. now we know. >> there is somebody that tried it out for you. >> but no damage to this car. a classic mustang, thanks to a quick-thinking mechanic. he shuts the door in the nick of time and hops in and stops it before it creams the back of the black suv. he could have saved himself a lot of trouble if he set the his hit? also swift -- she is not apologizing, but she is shutting down hollywood boulevard. it's scary. little bit in my eye. [ michelle ] underneath the kitchen table underneath my work desk we've got enough to knit a sweater. [ doorbell rings ] zach, what is that? the swiffer
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it's time "the pulse." we start with a startling, yet timely and appropriate admission. wouldn't you say? from a british singer/song writer. >> james blunt released that chart-busting single "you're beautiful" back in 2005. and launched his career into the stratosphere. it's selling nearly 4 million copies worldwide. ♪ you're beautiful ♪ ♪ you're beautiful ♪ ♪ you're beautiful it's true ♪ but blunt now apologizing for
4:23 am
that song. saying it got way too much air play and force fed down people's throats and became annoying. his apology for that song now being seen by some fans as somewhat ungrateful. an electrifying performance by taylor swift last night, she shut down hollywood boulevard. >> she was on "jimmy kimmel live," treating 15,000 fans to a mini concert. she wore a sexy black get up with a barely there lingerie top belting out her hit single "shake it off." ♪ shake it off ♪ ♪ i'm just gonna shake shake shake ♪ ♪ shake it off ♪ >> see what she'll be wearing next week. she'll be joining us twice on "good morning america." topping things off with a live performance one week from today. >> looking forward to that one. the funny or die comedy interview show is back online.
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putting brad pitt on the hot seat. the host, zach, asking him awkward, cringe-worthy questions. especially this one about his long-time companion and wife angelina jolie. >> tell me what it was like the first time you laid eyes on angelina. was it like one of those classical love stories like when ross first saw rachel? you know that show, "friends," have you seen that? ♪ i'll be there for you ♪ >> okay. you have to know a little back story. that joke is hilarious. because before his relationship with angelina jolie, he was married to the "friends" actress, jennifer aniston. he didn't answer the question. >> made for a funny moment. >> funny and awkward. great stuff. for some of you, your local news is coming up next. >> for everyone else we'll be right back with your "friday funnies"s. stay tuned.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good friday morning at 4:28. happy friday. >> nice to see both you. look at that: dry. cloud cover is not so prevalent as yesterday. cooler inland. a beautiful picture from the east bay hills showing how clear it is this morning. the clouser you are to the coast the more likely you will see the low clouds. they will be lazy along the coast in san francisco at 65 to 70. 72 to 78 around the bay and 76 to 80 inland. it will be warmer than average today. leyla gulen? >> good morning everyone. it is friday. it will be friday lite.
4:29 am
the golden gate bridge is lite try now from marin to headed to marin from san francisco. you do not see a single car. well maybe one. over the altamont pass the traffic is green so green is go. 580, tracy to dublin is 24 minutes. highway 4 westbound antioch to concord is 24 minutes. san rafael to san francisco is 18 minutes. breaking news in milpitas where fires have been battling an overnight fire and made a dramatic rescue from the roof. matt, was anyone hurt? >> matt? four people were rescued from the roof at this home. firefighters and police officers went up on the roof and got the family of four below them.
4:30 am
firefighters and police brought them down one was taken to the hospital with burns. first call was after 2:50 for a fire at a home in milpitas. firefighters say the fire was on the first floor after they rescued the people from the roof they knocked down the flames in 15 minutes. during that time 20 people were evacuated from five homes and let back in at 4:00 this morning a two-alarm fire. firefighters say three people from the home will need to say somewhere else. there is in word on where the victim stay. firefighters expect to be out here on the scene for another hour. thank you, matt, 4:30 the same is set for game three of the world series tonight in san francisco. this morning businesses and security planners are making final preparations. amy hollyfield is at at&t park.


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